Saturday, June 26, 2010

visa = checked!

alhamdulillah.. managed to do visa for our holiday this year *smiliiiiiiiiiiing* so my list here has reduced to 2 more things to do

car rental = to book next month
exchange currency = next month

earlier i thot of doing the visa online. malas nak hassle pegi travel agent or embassy. hohoho. but i came across that doing it with travel agent is cheaper *thanx BIL* ape lageeyy... mak terus survey dgn all 4 travel agents in KLCC. luckily 2 of them offer lower rate than the other 2. 

i did my visa with triways. yup its soooo fast that i need to wait only for 15mins! thumbs up~~

btw, i terkezut jugak that they do sell C.U.C.I THE MUSICAL cd here~~ its only rm39.90. never knew that travel agent pon jual cd~~

*CUCI = YAYA!!!*

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