Sunday, May 2, 2010

my favooooouurite local CHEF!

my beloved, very humble, selamber~~~~ and of course, versatile & creative and the list goes on.....

chef wan :)

i first came across chef wan of course since i was very small. since his hair was skema and the shirt he worn was  very formal! hahaha. those days..... am very very very impressive with chef wan that he has achieved tremendous milestone, one step at a time, and his journey is still goes on!! i thot that he is a great chef, of course he still is~~~ i thot i knew everything about his talent and most of his background. apparently there are lots, or i guess tons about him that i just discovered....

is an accountant by training... what??? seriously?? wah..... an account turn into a great chef. hurm.... i wonder if an engineer turn into great chef would be an ideal synonym as well *wink*

is a visiting chef to cooking schools... owh no no no~~~ not local hokeh! its the

Ritz Hotel's Ritz Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie Francaise in Paris

Cipriani Cooking School in Venice

culinary academies in London, Australia and Singapore

received "The Best Celebrity Chef In The World" award from Thames Valley University of London School of Hospitality. he is one of the award recipient beside Gary Rhodes

owh my ferragamo!!!! if i cant be chef, can i be ur assistant instead??? plss... i know am great in kitchen work and of course in taste, sense and balance. i learn a lot from AFC.... the aussie oliver, mr bourdain, pretty nigella... u name it!!!

still can consider me? yes me~~!!! *hehehe*

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