Thursday, May 6, 2010

how to plan for OVERSEAS trip

i bet most of u love to travel. be it domestic or international, be it malaysia, asia, europe, africa, usa, australia or even antartica!! if you love to travel, you just love it!! its the differences that make it worth.. weather, culture, food, shopping, environment, people, architecture. you have the idea and the place to go. but how to plan well so that you get a 

low cost, great bargain, smooth plan vacation?

here goes my tips on my EUROPE TRIP 2009
UK - Spain - Morocco - France
london - marrakech & casablanca - malaga & madrid - paris

flight tix : we bought KUL-london quite late. it was 6 mths b4 we flew in sept09. combination of mas & airasia. my advice.. buy flight tix at least 9-12 mths before departure. best time for AA is end of year sale zero fare and mas is during MAS Travel Fair. buy return tix instead of one-way. go for altitude of the location. go for low cost airline. survey the tix price year before to have an idea on the promotion time and window

internal flight tix : always go for low cost flight. we flew with easyjet. its comfy and just perfect for travelling around europe!

accommodation : go for malaysian hall. very cheap....!!!! but not possible since we have kids. opted for b&b for our stay in london & paris. for spain and morocco, thanx to papa's travel exchange network :) hehehehe

transportation : public transport, public transport and of course public transport!! study the rail & network map prior travelling. for morocco, highly advisable to rent a car. or else, expect to pay like an expat! for spain, rent-a-car to enable you travel across, from south to north. just worth it!!

food : owh... this is the one that we highly compromise. buy small & compact travelling cooker. shop for groceries and simply cook your meal. budget maaa..... bring along your pack lunch & dinner =) or you may opt for kebab! yummie though....

shopping : search for outlet shopping malls. seriously.... you will be running out of time coz the prices and goods, just cant resist!!!!!! do up front google so that you have an idea where to go, which way is the fastest to get there. dont forget your way back to hotel yeeee......

i guess i covered the basic here.... will share more on how to travel light. drop me a mail/comment if you need my humble advice *chewah!*

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farah yasmin said...

hana, my question is how to be able to have enough money to travel every now and then.. i love to travel yet so poor in cash.. hihi. of coz my ambition is to have at least one vacay a year..

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