Sunday, May 23, 2010

glad ive found it... soooo easy!

as i walked down the spices aisle at the supermarket, browsing for ku's instant fried rice paste, i came across maggi tumisan sambal tumis. wah~! its sooo easssssyyy... best part, no msg! like it.... quickly took 2 of it and walkaway

today i tried it for lunch. menu of the day

prawn sambal with maggi tumisan
fried fish
sawi with carrot

how to cook the prawn sambal? just follow the pack instruction!! *wink wink*

ingredient.. my version
300g prawn
2 cups of water
2 tablespoon light air asam jawa
1 medium size red onion, blend version
heat up oil. put in blended onion. stir til yellowish
put in the maggi paste. stir well
pour in water & ais asam jawa. stir well. wait until boil
put in prawn. taste it

i like it not too thick. thats why im using 2 cups of water

the result....


ku gave 2 thumbs up~~ wah... just worth it esp for mommies on-the-run *wink wink*

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