Monday, May 3, 2010


ever since we are small we tend to be asked to be success in life. be it our parents, our grandparents, our siblings, our auntie, our uncles, our teachers, our tuition teachers and the list never stop. we never understood well what is success, or should i say.... what are success. some grew up with your own ambition, what they want to be next but some others grew with their parent's ambition. along the way we didnt realised how success come & go. we tend to look others being successful and started thinking why am i not as successful as that person, why am i afraid to be one or even why am i not gifted same as that person. true enough, we tend to ask many question that lead to no answer!! the answer that we should find in ourselves, the answer that hidden in us, the answer to the biggest secret..... 


i am one of those person that is still searching for the answer. i grew up with my own aspiration, what i want to be in life. it changes along the way, ups & downs, never a straight path. although people saw me as a bright student, a successful worker but i am and never stop searching what is a success for me. i tried many things along the way, some is great, some is so-so, some is just not workable. i always believe that

passion give great results, and will bring a masterpiece

but what is passion then? when i search and search, i realised that passion pursue with direction results in progression. thats mean u need to progress based on ur passion, not just your desire to move. building up progression only then u meet success. passion is not interest, it is inside you that you need to 

keep continue searching

for it! :) dont stop, never give-up, give it a try.... you will make it there one day!! remember, success never be sweet without strategy and sacrifice *wink*

go go gurl~~

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