Tuesday, May 25, 2010

flawless skin... the truth behind it

flawless skin is the result of inherited genes, regular and appropriate skin care routines

asian skin is usually yellowish *iyee.. skin tone only defined as yellowish or reddish. no brownish, no blackish whatsoever* and the skin tone of a person varies according to the region of origin. asian, unlike others, are prone to age spots, freckles, hyper pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tones etc due extreme climate condition *others more prone to wrinkles*

let me share the common skin conditions faced by us, asian

acne: our skin are prone to acne due to hot & humid climate. skin easily turns oily *if not much, a little yaa* and results in clogged pores and later, acne. regular exfoliation will help control acne *control ya… not prevent*

skin pigmentation or dark spots: these two occurs earlier for us as we are more exposed to sunrays. so ladies~~ sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen!! this helps to control pigmentation and dark spots

dryness of skin – extreme climatic conditions affect the skin badly. in our case, sitting in air-conditioning room and suddenly going out at 12pm when sun is rite above our head…. urrghhhhh~!! this contribute to your skin dryness. solution? drink min 2L of water daily and use hydrating skin care to maintain moisture level *wink*

irritation of skin – our skin is manja *sensitive* do you know that excessive stress, hormonal imbalance, and all blablabla factors within the body can cause irritation to the skin?? yes, please take note yeee

so ladies~ hope you understand this and will share with you the required routine to maintain gorgeous and age gracefully!!!

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