Sunday, May 16, 2010

long waited......yes!!

went to ikea for the treat. ooppsss.....!! correction.went to ikea for our room makeover day but.... sadly nothing had pleased our eyes.... hampa~~ to avoid disappointment

the meatball treat

coming our way *wink wink* was a looooong queue~~~ haish.... meatball oh meatball. ku redahkan jua~! but not that pretty as it was in the pix *its just the green deco not there!*

as now is a high time of 2nd wave H1N1, we always carry our sanitizer esp to public area. qist will use it again n again n again....i bring you

how to use sanitizer
qist's way

first, put small amount on you palm

and then, rub it over you palm and hand *until elbow yaaaa*

lastly, dont forget to rub some at your ketiak!! isshh..this is the most important area u ols~~

happy trying kiddos!!


SyidaMislan said...

hand sanitizer = armpit sanitizer? hahahaha

hana.basri said...

hurmm... yaa.. i think they should invent kan? that we can reduce deo usage!!

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