Thursday, May 6, 2010

butterscotch bread got tax??

let me tell you a story about tax. owh.. not the lhdn thingy u ols~~ the 5% gov tax. here in cold storage klcc, i did notice that if we pay at the café counter *the counter that has sushi, roasted chicken, nasi lemak etc*, we will be charged additional 5% tax. rite?

i don’t really bother about it ever since i shop there coz i thot its normal to pay tax for food that they’ve prepared for customer. not until i realized when i wanted to pay my butterscotch bread. initially i line up at the normal supermarket counter *yg bebyk tu* but when i saw the café counter is free, i went n wanted to pay. when i saw the price is rm4.20 instead of rm4.00, i got confused!! how come meh? the girl pon explained becoz the café provide seating area bla bla bla… ape lagi~~ mak cancel la nok!! why la i need to pay for the tax when i just cash n carry kan~~ so remember peeps, go n pay at the supermarket or bakery counter at cold storage klcc. why need to long queue there and pay extra when u are in 
cash & carry mode??

p/s : i don’t know why this butterscotch bread is no longer tasty like before…boley?

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