Tuesday, May 4, 2010

things that you miss during....

day :)

what are things that you miss doing it with your love one when u are, or maybe was girilfriend luv boyfriend? these are, i guess, normal questions when we heard people saying "those day when we were so madly in love......" or maybe something like "i just miss to get...... since we are married" or even maybe
"just miss him coz we clash already..." (ooppsss!!)
sounds interesting?? i bet it is *wink wink* lets get started!!!

early jog that we used to have every weekend. we usually will met around 7am, jogged about 1-2km then went to have roti canai ali & teh tarik!! hohoho.. welll... its typical malaysian hokeh~ take in cholesterol after u burned it! 

squash game that we used to play every other day. oowwhh... ku is the one who introduced squash to me and i find it very very exciting & tiriiiiiiiiiiing!! need to be lil faster ya~~

flowers and more flowers~~ i want it i want it!!! i know u r reading this =P hohohohohohoohho *evil laugh*

surprises ~~~ hell yeah...... the most surprising moment is when ku gave the hippo!! hahahhahaha. happy til cried. its not the hippo that matters, but the unexpected feeling that it was. ok now, admit that the big "ring" ku gave me last tue is a surprise *but i dont wanna count it!! uuuwaaaaa!!*

small lil card that i used to create for ku. am so into lil crafting and would send ku lil cards every month. well i guess.... the lil card has grown up and found its own way~~~ hahahhahaha!!! lalalalalla~~

last but not least....

bus!!! hahhahaaha. we dont have car during uni days so we will took bus to go out dating sometimes. owwwhh... ku pls dont ask me to get into the bus now!!!! hahhahahhah~~ it was fun though...

so peeps.... what are things that you just miss to do it again??

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