Thursday, May 13, 2010

photographer, help..........g11 vs lx3

OMG!!! help me here...... just cant stand the monitor anymore. my eyes started to panicking reading all those reviews. we are desperately need to buy one of these babes for our trip this august *insyaAllah*

canon g11

lumix lx3

help me~~!!!!!!!!!!!!


SyidaMislan said...

hari jumaat lepas baru je shopping for camera. i manage to compare lumix vs samsung.yg canon tu tak try la pulak. after few hours comparing lumix,sony,samsung,nikon,fuji....i decided to buy samsung st550. sbb im looking for compact camera, tp gamba mesti gorjes!its touch screen+user friendly.mcm nak promote lak.hehehe.

terpanjang pulak comment ni.

hana.basri said...

takpe2... full page pon takpe! make sure samsung bayar u royalty *wink wink* thanx a tonnsss

i pon tgh cari compact jgk. sng kan.... esp for blogger gorjes & hot like us!!!! muahahahahhahah *evil lol* byk sgt skool of thot. kamon hana...

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