Thursday, May 13, 2010

grilled chicken ala kampung...nyum nyum~!!

hi peeps~~ lets go into my kampung kitchen. today we are preparing....

grilled chicken ala kampung

ye puan-puan, ramuannye adalah

10 chicken drumsticks
10 hot chillies aka chili berani mati
1 lemongrass
1 red onion
3 garlics
1-inch ginger
2 daun kunyit
tumeric powder
salt & sugar 
*can change with honey*

seterusnye kite sediakan

blend all hot chilli, lemongrass, red onion, garlic, ginger, daun kunyit
marinate chicken with blended ingredient together with tumeric powder, oil, salt & sugar
levae for about 30 mins
set oven at 250C, 10mins
put in chicken for 30mins
keep on flip chickens & wet wth marinate sauce to ensure moist

all set!!!!

happy cooking!!

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