Saturday, May 29, 2010

tagged by julie *wink*

julie julie julie..... here comes my "main teka-teka" using a letter of my name


~ what is your name ~

~ a four letter word ~

~ a boy’s name ~

~ a girl’s name ~
honey heska my beloved cousin!!!

~ an occupation ~
hair stylist *wah gitew…*

~ a color ~
hazel *shoooot… this is the trickiest!!!*

~ something u wear ~
high heel *pedal-ing girll~~~*

~ a food ~
hashbrown *oowwhh… my fav*

~ something found in the bathroom ~
hot tub *heaven*

~ a place ~
harrods *$$$$$$$$*

~ a reason for being late ~
hot & humid *hahahahhaha*

~ something u shout ~

~ a movie title ~
happy feet *chomellll*

~ something u drink ~
herbal juice *yes peeps, age gracefully…remember?*

~ a musical group ~
 hujan *i have no ideaaaaaaaaaa*

~ an animal ~

~ a street name ~
hang tuah street, KL

~ a type of car ~

honda bebeh

huish.... u make me stress~!!! hahahhahaha

i want to tag

gorjes syida
vouge fizamior
sweet faridah

*wink wink*


*juliet le sweetheart said...

i love hashbrown too! yum... yummmm...

SyidaMislan said...

thanks for the tag.i wil try to do it ASAP.

yaya HESKA :p said...

a girls name tu siol lah x letak name aku!!!(girl lagi kah aku??? :p )

hana.basri said...

julie : yummiieeeee kan???~!!!!

heska : maafkan patik tuanku.. patik telah menukarnnye dgn bold + blue lagey~~ *cane aku bleyyy lupe nih??*

syida : *crack ur head babe!*

yayaheska said...

haha now i looooiikeee :0 xoxo

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