Monday, May 10, 2010

ladies day out

owwhhh.... am so into shopping. i dont mind going for window shopping or being a personal shopper. ah ha! some thought that personal shopper is me going shop for myself. no no no... its me going shopping for my valuable client. i can be your personal shopper gurls!! juz buzz me. 

as mother's day approach, and as u ol knew that we've celebrated it as surprise for mommies, we gurls went out for shopping the prezziee. mama didnt knew that we wanted to buy her stuff. so she belek2 and keep on looking for handbag without looking at the price. we here like... "alamak..!! baik beli miss ferra ke, coach ke.... " counting $$$

i think i fall in love with pink!! hohohoho. this braun buffel is sooo cute. but the price? better get coach online~~~
*see the pedal is working now!! sooo comfy... semangat!!*

owh... since it was mommies day out, pity qist kebosanan! her playground was......

we took qist to big appl. owh... its her nenek that wanted to chill. why gurls like big apple donut? i just dont understand hokeh~!! my sis & mom can eat it like many...! i can only take one kot..... i think im more into chocolate

gurls + choc 

= happiness!!!!

yeah bebeh
*eh, gurl lagi ke?? tak sedar dah jadi mak org!*

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