Friday, May 21, 2010

am sooooo forgetfull.....

am a specky. but i seldom use my spec at home. only for watching tv. coz i prefer not to depend on my spec much. with a high hope that my power will reduce....!!! *possible??* since ku at home for 2-wks day-off, he send me to work early in the morning. easier for him to move around having car at home. with that, i am very much comfortable not to use my spec in the morning. sitting in the car, of course, i will fall asleep. hohoho. what to do kannnnn~~~ bestnyyeeeee..... but not until i am very near to my ofc when i realize

"owh.. shoooooooozzz!!! my spec~~~"

haiyarkkkkk....!! i am soooo blind now... takkan nk mintak ku amik kat umah n patah balik kan~~!!! *kejam tuh* got no choice...... gladly takde meeting *pheewwww* my dad once told me

"u hang ur spec at the door so that u dont forget"

hohoho.. but pa, if tak pakai spec surely la tak nampak pon even gantung!! *wink wink*


fizamior said...

hahahha... perangai tak berubah sejak dulu... kat sekolah dulu pun spec u slalu hilang kan? wakakaka!!!!!

hana.basri said...

alamak.. ek??? tak hengat la fiza.. siyes back to school nih!

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