Wednesday, May 12, 2010

100th post

uwwwoowwww~~~ its 100th already! 
*baru 100..* hohohohoho 

am glad its 100th
am so happy blogging & writing 
am looking forward for more to be captured & to be remembered
am expecting more fun & joy
am hoping for more rezeki to come by
am thanking you for supporting me

~ hana.basri ~


*juliet le sweetheart said...

wow 100 entry already! congrats babe! so for that, i decided to give u an award! for your 100th post and yes, i love your blog!
come and grab it!
have a nice day!

hana.basri said...

owh babe~!! thanx soo much.... im so touched *oowch!* if time permits, lets meet in mel this aug2010 *wink wink*

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