Wednesday, May 26, 2010

why izzit happening again?!

i am very dissappointed with klcc management sdn bhd... from the taxi issue in front of klcc until the parking issue. it happened on last 12May that the card slot for going out is jam and they need to call the maintainance to fixed it. it was 2pm when i was rushing to bangi for a meeting. fine... have to wait for 20mins before the person came in and fixed it to fail open *means the palang terangkat all the time* 

and today, it happened again.. at 5.30pm. the peak time where everybody is lining up in a loooooong que that requires us to stand under the hot sun for 15mins!!! just to pay the tix. i thot only the machine at the counter got problem.. but that palang thing is also problem!!! 

haiyoooooo... where is your so called emergency plan klcc mgmt sdn bhd?? there should be an emergency button at the gate to make it fail open. 

can you imagine if its real emergency?????????? do you think sacrificing others time is worth??? please take note ya... i would write an internal mail to you soooon. 

wait for mr outlook *wink*


SyidaMislan said...

emergency respond pun selalunya akan lambat.tak secepat mana respond dia.

hana: if u dont mind, can u remove the word verification?tq

hana.basri said...


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