Sunday, May 23, 2010

estadio santiago bernabeu??

yesterday night in our car heading home...

ku : tonite got champions league....inter milan vs bayern munich
me : ooowwwwwaaaawwww!!!!! power ke? *me seriously dono.. just being sarcastic!*
ku : of couse lah! they r playing at santiago bernebue
me : owh... the stadium that we took pix in madrid right?
ku : yup..! thats real madrid stadium
me : no wonder lah u were so excited went there in the middle of the nite.....
ku : guess whos playing for real?
me : christiano ronaldo?
ku : yes...ronaldo & kaka!! waa... so good in football now ye..
me : hahahha. i know ronaldo only..!

*me realize something*
me : owh..owh.. thats mean ronaldo is playing in that stadium??
ku : yup. 1 year already with real
me : OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! now i feel the excitement of taking pix there!! thats mean ronaldo is real madrid when we took pix la rite??
ku : yes
me : why dont u tell me when taking pix???
ku : told u already... u just dont realise it
me : wah wah!!!! im sooo exciteddddd noowwww. me taking pix at real madrid stadium. waallllaaaaaweyyyyyyy!!!!

haiyoo... after like 8 mths only then i realised!!! boleeeeyyyyy tak~~~~

owhhhh ronaldo.... i just missed your game by few days when we we there~~!! 
*macam la ronaldo nak jumpe aku sgt kan~~!*

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