Wednesday, May 19, 2010

last minute last minute

honestly.... i just hate it soooooooo much when it comes to 

its ok if its totally unplanned and you dont expect it *erk.. this sounds more to emergency!* we are given 24 hours per day and expected that it is well managed. if you just cant managed your time, who else could for you?? at the end of the time, you are trying very hard up down left right searching for help. haiyooOooooOOooo~~ whylaaaa...... if people could help, they would always want to know up front. simply becoz they dont want you to disturb their plan. simple huh?! but of course, people do have sympathy. thats the beauty given by the Creator time, dont ever ask people's favor and expect them to deliver yesterday. understand??? 
your business is none of my business!! hohoho... ganazzzzzz

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