Thursday, May 20, 2010

ASB is much easier now *wink*

its so great people!! u must be one of those people whom are loyal to cimb and have to que like do-no-when-to-finish when it comes to asb. kan kan? i am quite disappointed esp with klcc branch coz they should give much better services *take note ya...* but not anymore.... when cimb introduced

ASNB via CIMB Clicks

uuuuwwwwww.. this is what i have been waiting for. no need to que long, waited in line for 30min++, save my lunch hour, and give more time for my shopping hour!! hahahha. it is sooo easy peeps!!

of course there are more services to be added as time goes by. for time being, we can only invest but not withdraw our $$ yet. 

enroll now peeps!!

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