Sunday, May 16, 2010

how do you celebrate your teacher?

 happy teacher's day :)

teacher is our most precious human being. they thot us how to be smart, they thot us how to achieve target, they thot us how hard add math was, they thot us how joyful cross country are and they also thot us how bored history subject was *hohoho*

i remember sending a huge card with my own poem and signature and listed down all teacher's name to make them happy

i remember sending secret recipe classic cheese cake to make their day cheessssyyy

i remember sending a personalised card to each & every teacher to make them feel appreciated

i remember also sending roses to teachers to bloom their heart away

and i also remember sending sms to make them smile


how come i forget to do all this when i started working???
isshshh isshhh isshhh... have to start over lah next year!!

for my teacher, ustaz, ustazah, warden or whatever name that we call you
thank you so much 
for your patient
for your hard work
for your encouragement
for your joy
and for your tears

i love you!!!!!

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