Monday, May 31, 2010

forgetful again....

it was in janda baik last weekend when things happened unintentionally......

we were at the lounge waiting to check in our room. since we were there early @ 1pm, we have to wait for them to make-up the room after guest checked out. we could only check in @ 3pm. waited under almost bored condition, me and mama read some of the mags while qist running around with a baby mags. playing ups & downs, talking to her imaginary upin, ipin & friends. while reading a mag, i took off my spec and put it on the table right in front of me with a thot

"ishh, afraid that qist would come back and hijacked it again...."

but another side of me were saying

"its oklah, its in front of me what.. i could always she her dropped by"

with that, i safely placed it... while reading n reading n reading, i could hear qist walking around blablabla when suddenly i heard she groaned... i put down the mag and there she were holding my spec, with one frame is pushed hard downward tried to lift the frame up to wear it!!!!!!!

"OMG qist!!!!!!!!!!"

i felt like my heart were almost dropped and i was like fainted~~! she was sooo sleepy at that time that she still pushed herself to play around. i am speechless and took it off from her and qist straight away, cried.... i told her

"say sorry to mama cepat"

 with tears running down and sleepy face, she said

"tooowee mama...." and hugged me tight

haiyaa~!!! how to bend it down??? i was really mad at myself that i couldnt see her there when she took off my spec!! 

how forgetful....!!

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