Monday, May 17, 2010

factors influencing product compatibility

i love to read stuff related to beauty & health. for me, its the most fundamental for us to age gracefully. yup!!! thats my motto bebeh~~~

aging gracefully

* so adore you julie andrew!!*

*wink wink* i dont bother if people argue/question me why i invested into high end products that they hardly see the result after trying it out. for me, its the "why" that made u choose a product and not just the "result". product could range from fast respond to your body/skin, to moderate or low. this range doesnt mean its very good or not good for you. our body is built to have tons of hormone that reacted against time and age. thus, this is one main factor that one should understand and consider when trying out products. if a product is best for me, it may not be best for you. and vice versa.

we must understand what does the product can offer you. understand its purpose. if its for whitening, make sure that it doesnt contain harmful ingredient especially for those that claim it works within few days. whitening could means bleach or toning down your skin. caution u ols~!

understand your skin nature. this means it could change when we aged slowly. if you were an oily to combination skin before, dont be surprise if it is now dry skin range!! again, hormone factor yaaa

market of the product also influence the practicality. best go for product that have been tested on asian group, not just western. its critical as climate, humidity, environment, culture effect its result.

most important, remember that we need to maintain our body function at its ultimate state. this mean, find good anti-oxidant product that could help you inside out. as we grow older, we need to ensure our body is able to do its detoxification naturally. otherwise, go n get those good herbal drink or supplement to help us out!! 

remember peeps... age gracefully is NOT equal to pretty face. its all about 
healthier inside & out

will share on how to maintain face moisture later~~~ 
tips from my vogue the vast beautician *wink*

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