Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lady dior... where does it came from?

to dior lover, i bet you knew this already!! for some, you may be familiar with the design. for others, you may think its a calling name for dior. do you actually know where does lady dior was born? let me tell you a story *since im a dior pattern lover*

it came from the lady that everyone love, the lady that we adore, the lady that change the world fashion industry... the lady named

lady diana

the bag was a gift made by dior and presented by first lady of france to the beautiful LadyD during cezanne art exhibition in paris, sponsored by dior corporation. it was a special new design by dior. it quickly grabbed LadyD's heart that made her continue to collect it. LadyD has all colour that falls under this collection *believe it* it was this

lady dior 

cannage pattern
geometric grid stitched 
dior's signature sparkling Lady Dior charms

so how can you identify its a lady dior collection? simple!! just see the charm. only lady dior collection has this D.I.O.R charm *wink wink*

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