Monday, May 10, 2010

toddler porridge v2

owh tooooddleee~~~~ back into the kitchen u ols! this week ive prepared fish porridge for qist. its my normal routine to rotate between chicken and fish. qist seems not highly interested in normal rice. she do eat but very minimal. remember the chicken porridge?  here comes my next version. but this time, i use brown rice~~~~

toddler porridge v2


3 big slices tenggiri fish
3 small cups brown rice
1 carrot
1 handful cabbage
1/2 knorr ikan bilis aka anchovy paste (no added msg)

boil water with brown rice and fish. let the fish cook then take out
let your rice cook until became porridge
*for me, not too mash. just right when the rice started to become soft and slight lembik*
mash fishes using fork. put in
put in anchovy paste and stir well
grate carrot and cabbage separately
divide the porridge into 2 separate pots

put in carrot and cabbage respectively
let it cook for about 5 min only
ready to freeze!

total duration is only 1 hour. owh yes its faster than chicken porridge. why??
- dont have to wait to make stock
- dont have to blend fish like chicken

happy trying mommies!!

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