Sunday, May 9, 2010

yeap the party went well~~ yippiee!!

alhamdulillah.... our surprise party went well just now. seriously all 3 mommies dont have any idea what so ever about the surprise. good job well done everybody!!! some captions from 3 mommies when they see each other...

being the first family to arrive
mama : "eh, apsal cat pon ada kat sini?"

has been puzzled since morning where to for tonite
mak pah : "ni kebetulan ke ape ni? apsal sume semacam je...."

the eldest & the great cook
auntie limah : "makanan sume dah order ke? baik order cepat kang kul 11 mkn nanti"

stay tune for update with pix soon. thanx u ols~~!!


*need to wake up early for my next event tomorrow. see ya at puchong u!!*

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