Saturday, May 1, 2010

kisah cik bedah

this is soooooo funny for me!!!!!!! am not sure if some of you may understand the rational of it :) at my office, i have colleague to joke and laugh with. some of them is my "kampung" drama group. hahaha. why i say that? becoz we called each other using kampung name. so here are 3 of us name jah, bedah & peah. when we called each other, sometime we use this name although not many understand why. for me, its just a name that may bring us closer as a colleague.  apparently, at papa's crib, my mom started to call qist today as 

cik bedah :)

hahahhaha...what a coincident!!!! i just couldnt accept the fact that mom called qist her with that name~~~ does it mean bedah is more popular than jah and peah???

haaa.....sila jawab jah & peah!! you know who you are.. yes im talking to you jah & peah!! *wink*

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