Monday, May 24, 2010

little creative hands

its all started when ku gave qist a pen last week. she started excitedly until the paper was full and she was..

yeah yeah... what to do... happened already. so i banned her from pen.

but later this weekend i was pity her and gave qist a pencil instead. well at least its easier to rub off~! with a pencil and a big paper, she started to be creative.....

so creative that she include my day curtain in her masterpiece!!

not enuff.. later at night she painted my door and my wall...!!!

when ku asked her
"sape draw ni....?"
qist answered intelligently
"kak rose!"

huh??? uuwaaaaaa....... glad it was a pencil qist!! if not, mama turned into kak rose pulak nnt~~


sery said...

same as qashrina drawing sampai ke pintu,wall..huhuhu...

hana.basri said...

aah la kak seri.... cannot prevent already. today papa dia siap belikan pencil box pulak..! haiyoo~~

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