Thursday, May 20, 2010

rice crisp is yummie!!

when i first saw the advert by nuffnang, it makes me feel like trying it out. coz it just sounds healthy *wink wink* hana and healthy food.. ideal! chewaahh~~ lucky me when i step into my parents home that i saw the bottle! it’s the mister potato rice crisp with hot & spicy flavor. hot hot!!

ting ting ting ting ting……..slowly i picked it up and hide it from qist.
this crisp is thicker than the potato one.. ya lorr… its made from rice what~!
the taste… i likeeee….. i usually eat the japanese rice cracker that taste flatter. but this one, its soooo gud!!
the flavor is not that hot, just nice

close your eyes and enjoy the crisp……

owh owh ….the best part is… its healthy!
no added msg
20% less fat
cholesterol free
trans fat free
no artificial colouring

i like fast/quick food that contains no trans fat. do you know that this is the culprit among fat??? haaa…. later i’ll blog it for your awareness yaaa. so peeps.. go & get it!!

before i forgot, for all nuffnangers.... good news that we can enjoy the snack at a special screening of Prince of Persia and even better, win cash prizes!!!! thats the sooo guddd lah. click here on how to join us.
*i just cant join robb... got mission impossible lah!! sob sob*

p/s : qist discovered me while i was taking the pix and she hijacked it and ran away!!! 

see see how hard i hold it~~

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