Tuesday, May 4, 2010

one....set... ready~

few preps left before we are ready for this sunday :)

stay tune~~~!


fizamior said...

hana, u did all this????
im soooo impressed!!!
2 thumbs up!!!

MamaAshraff said...

i wish i can help prepare...but at least will be there this sunday to support...ALL D' BEST!!!

Nur Asyiqin said...

byknye...ni untuk ape ni..yg sponsor tu ke?...rancangan ape?

hana.basri said...

syiq: yup! among sponsor and event @ puchong this sunday. meh la fly back here~~

yana: takpe2.. nnt tolong duduk kat booth ek? hehe. tencu2

fiza: yup fiza!! my mom bake all those cookies. im on the commercial side :) btw, we are among sponsor for an event this weekend @ puchong. will publish tomorrow..stay tune!!


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