Thursday, May 27, 2010

soyabean.. best time to drink

we all know and we have been told that soyabean drink is a highly nutritious drink. it provides good protein source to our body. but not many of us realise that there is times that we should avoid drinking soyabean drink.

this drink is best consume during

hot sunny day where sun is glaring and burning!! why? our body will be able to absorb all soyabean nutrient well


avoid the drink 

when its raining or cloudy. as our body not be able to in the protein at this condition, it will lead to high acidic urine.. best known as gout. it happen due to high protein residue in the body, after long run

believe it? control your consumption peeps!


fizamior said...

oh! yeke??? i drink it every morning.. :))

hana.basri said...

haaa kan... me too masa pregnant dulu everyday minum sbb org kata elok utk baby *wink* haih~~

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