Monday, May 3, 2010

the amazing cowboy!

i am soooo into amazing race show since 7 years back (?). initially theres nothing about the race. but i noticed that i had became more adventurous after watching the series like forever!! hahaha. i feel like into bungee jumping, trying out various culture, car racing, fast & furious gitew~~ this season, am supporting the 

cowboys!!! yeeeeeehaaaaaa~~~~~

not becoz there are man or single or anything related to gender biasness, am just respect them for being so good at planning the entire race, being very very calm and decisive when it comes to critical situation, strategize the whole game and of course, being a cowboy give them advantage in terms of kerja busuk! hoho

hope they will win for finale next week. go cowboy~~~

*yes i knoe i can check out web to find who won.. i just dont want!!* lemme surprise myself :P

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