Thursday, May 13, 2010

story that you have been waiting for

its the 1superkids family day that mamakuQis was sponsoring *oopppss... one of sponsors ya*

 alhamdulillah.. the event went well, thanx to organizer who has made it vogue! wah.. gitew~~ altho it was heavily rain at the beginning, syukur that everything cleared just before we started. while waiting for my sis to come over, my mom incharged of the booth while i kept myself busy at the registration counter, giving away our 

free mamakuQis cookies, biz card + feedback form

 owh yeah... we give feedback form to entitled all mommies & hot mamas for a lucky draw at our booth *pheeeeweeetttt* there are 4 winners out of 6 won prizes during the day. syida is one of the lucky gorgeous!! congrates u ols~~~~

among sponsors, got a chance to get to know fida and marina. owwhh...marina did face painting for kids. thumbs up babe!!! i wish my daughter got painted.... tp dia tamo~!!! *maknye sedey*

so many goodie bag was given tapiiiiiii i terlepas playhouse disney nye.... its soooo chantek! uwaaaaa....

for all that dropped by our booth, thank you sooo much for your support
for mommies & babes that won my lucky draw, congrates u ols~!!! sorry la tak sempt snap pix
for mommylyna & kay, thanx so much dear
for all bling babes, nice knowing u ols~!! seriously u guys mmg fun *wink*

the most, utmost important.. highly thanx to
mama, amat & yana for helping out 
papa for dropping by altho got meeting
abby for snapping mamakuQis
ku for miss-call *hohoho*
and last but not least
qistina for merengek2 nk dukung slalu
*apekah angin yg dtg tu~~*

looking forward for more & more event ahead


SyidaMislan said...

lupa nak amik gamba sama2. dah excited menang lucky draw.hehehe

hana.basri said...

hahaha. takpe2 next time we meet again and pose!!

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