Thursday, July 1, 2010

140 nautical miles in a day

its a tiring day today. travelling is always great for me but one day biz travel is not favs! huhu. its tiring actually flying off and flying back just to attend a meeting *sigh* commitment people!! wake-up hana...wake up~~ *yelaaa*

i normally have this kind of trip but this is my FIRST trip ever with a camera!!!
*tweet tweet tweet*


8:55am - i miss the chocolate promotions!! hmmm...

9:00am - boarding

9:15am - off to kerteh via kuantan

1:30pm - working while waiting for meeting

5:45 pm - going back & passed through kerteh small town

6:30pm - off to kl. seated at the fan. cool!! but bising time power up *__*

7:30pm - reach subang airport

p/s : im sooooooo impressed with subang airport NEW look!! seriously impressed!!

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