Monday, July 5, 2010

you wont believe my eyes!!

while driving home today, yeah.. nothing much different.. traffic jam, honk honk, vroom vroom, headache, speeding, toll etc. everything seems too normal to blog on..


when i exited toll and queueing at the traffic light, i saw this

can you see it....? nope? lets zoom a bit....

how about this~~

and this~~

how can this ayam got here??? there is no rumah or kampung by the road ye... not even close!! hurm... i wonder how does this ayam got visa & permit to enter this london-new york holiday tours~~

*still wondering*


tiefazatie said...


SyidaGorjes said...

tu bukan ayam biasa kan?apa nama dia?lupa la

hana.basri said...

aah.. i pon tak ingat. at first dari jauh i thot its a peacock! hahaha

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