Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mamakuQis BIG giveaway04 : winners announcement

ah haa...! yeap...! its tough and i have reviewed and read and hafal all entries!! hahaha. you all have done a very well done job for

tips to strengthen marriage

i am impressed with the facts given, advices lined up, pictures and tons of pix and your sense of humor!! boleey tahan ye bloggers nowadays *wink* may every reader benefited from your post

are you guys ready?? lets bring it on!! i will quote which part of your entry that hit the highest score

Early birds wins
mamakuQis RM5off cookies e-Voucher

"they always watched sunset together also...maklum la..umah ifa kan tepi tiap2 hari my parents akan pegi pantai after my dad balik dari opis nie...sweet kan..=).. n then my mum for sure akan teman my dad even my dad just bakar sampah nie..."

i could clearly imagine how sweet couple they are. it reminds me when i saw old mat salleh couple walk together hand in hand. awwww.... *melting*


Consolation prizes wins
small box mamakuQis chocolate chip all nuts cookies 
+ mamakuQis rm5off cookies e-voucher

"P yang terakhir ialah 'permohonan' iaitu doa kepada Allah supaya merapatkan kasih sayang antara pasangan suami isteri serta dijauhi daripada godaan kemewahan dan keseronokan dunia"

yes its seriously true~!! pergantungan kite kepada Allah must always be there & 100% and this is where human like us always fail to remember

"maksud romantik untuk i is bukan bende yang u all selalu buat, tp kalau u all buat memang pasangan kite akan kate buang tebiat ke, tp sebenarnyer dia pun suke..."

hell yeah!! u spot on babe~~ kadang-kadang tu bile kite buat and hubby cakap camtu, trus rasa "eh.. dia suka ke or aku yg betol2 bengong??" LOL


well i guess you can smell the WINNER huh?? 

you got it rite!!!!!!!!

WINNER walkaway flyaway with

Hugo Boss Selection Shower Gel for men 50ml
Bvlgari Notte Pour Femme Body Lotion for woman 100ml

"love, hug & kisses --kalau masa nak berpisah ie example nak gi keje everday me akan salam and cium tgn hubby, hubby plak akan cium dahi me…these sweet lil things akan create mood happy ceria sepanjang hari.."

100% agree!! every touch between husband & wife makes us feel appreciated and makes us cant wait for the next time it comes kan? *wink* iyee.... sila jgn bayangkan lebih-lebih ye... u also got sooo-many-cant-count-already pix. i wonder if you bawak all album to UK!! hohohohoho. 

p/s : org sibok announce winner, dia pulak sibok gi manchester!! tak thrill btul daaa


congratulation to all winners!!!!!

*please collect all prizes within 3 days. email me at for details. for international participant, click here to view the t&c*

so NOW.... the moment that all of us has been waiting for......


its BIG, its WORTH, its gonna be HARDER

stay tune!!


Adyshariz said...

tahniah to all winner, this time tak dpt masuk sb msalah yg bertimbun kat umah n office.. next time insyaAllah... congrats again mama zharfan

tiefazatie said...

tahniah pada semua pemenang..=)..owh..ifa mmg dh dpt agak sape yg menang..hihihi

Em's Family said...

am so happy cos my two compers.. tiefazatie and suzie menang jugak :)

mama zharfan said...

tq hana sbb sudi pilih i sbg one of the winners
congrats to all my comper buddies - mira & ifa :)

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