Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lets spread the knowledge

i enjoy sharing good infos and let others feels educated from my blog post. u may come across post related to beauty, health, giveaway etc in my 3 labels

my own passion for writing and compilation of e-articles that is worth for sharing

appears only on Friday, its either my own post or featuring others good writeup/compilation that shares on life, relationship and religious

mamakuQis giveaway that will be conducted from time to time. so watch the space always peeps to avoid disappointment! :)

just recently i added a new feature for the 3 labels above.... i found that its good to have this feature as it will make ur life easier to share my blog post with others on what u have just learn. sharing is knowledge u ols~ its this

share button

its something like this

and this

when u scroll at the "+" button, it will display...

u can click at any available buttons *more than 300..wow!!* to continue sharing. isnt it great~~!


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