Friday, July 23, 2010

mamakuQis is looking for AGENT

Ramadhan2010 is just around the corner.. so do Raya2010!!

want to be mamakuQis cookies AGENT?

mamakuQis cookies SAMPLE is out!

are you staying / working in

or somewhere near here?

contact us N.O.W

be our agent for famous mamakuQis cookies today!!

we guarantee you a HIGH QUALITY cookies at low affordable price
no compromise on quality!

*terms & conditions apply*


mama zharfan said...

kalau i ada kat msia..boleh jer i promo2 to my colleagues in UIA (law faculty) :) next year sempat tak :) :)

anyway, i dh review ur cookies :) tqvm!!

hana.basri said...

thanx suzie~!! see ya next year :)

Adyshariz said...

hana.. bole aje nk jadi agent, coz cookies ni mmg sedap.. actuatly dh ada yg order but aisha still bz dgn hal kat umah n office, so.. how to start ya..

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