Thursday, July 15, 2010

tell me which one do u want?

every nite or shall i say every time, qist will carry her psp. be it in the car, at home, at restaurant.. everywhere! u just name it~we downloaded upin ipin, ratatouille and timmy time into her psp. so when i use lappy at nite, she will menempek and nak tgk theme song for thomas, upin ipin, mr bean, timmy time etc via youtube. owh no... i shouldnt introduce youtube to her la sepatutnye!! coz why? i am the mangsa keadaan. she will start something like this..

"mama, nak omas" ok i pon pasang la thomas & train. 15 mins after that

"mama, nak upinipin" then i pon search upin ipin. 10 mins later

"nanak.. nanak... nak immy time" there i go change to immy time via youtube. 5 mins later

" inton! nak inton nak inton" aduyaiy... tukar chuggington pulak dah...

paling i tensi when she started to

"mama... nanak nanak! nak omas.. eh upinipin..mmm immy time!! " berulang2 kali cakapn tak penat pulak tu~ 
i was like "pick one only. which one do u want? thomas, upin ipin or timmy time?"
"aaammm...mmmm.. omas ayowayowayowayow *ni ayat i tak paham* upinpin" with big smile
"no... mama ask which one qistina nak? pick one only"
dgn beriya angguk kepala "ok.. omas ayowayowayowayow *ni ayat i tak paham* upinpin"
"no... do u understand mama cakap? pilih satu sahaja..."
"mmm..k...omas ayowayowayowayow *ni ayat i tak paham* upinpin"

haiya~~ awatla girls mmg dari kecik susah nk buat decision when it comes to favourite things! tanak satu.. nak sume pulak tu~ "wondering"

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