Thursday, July 15, 2010

how to deal with pimples?

i used to have lots of pimples. i never have it when i was in secondary, but it burst out when i was in uni!! i don’t blame the hormone… yeah… its hard to deal with it but hey! u never can control ur hormone~ what? u can? hurm.. yes u may try but if its still inside u, it will come out no matter how hard you control it. i used to take pills from skin specialist in which i thought it would very much help my pimples. hurm… yeah indeed it was!!! seriously skin specialist with no doubt gave me the best pills to control the growth but it just control/slow it down, not demolished!!! d**n it~ and there it goes started to climb up and hiking hard!! shoooot~~ of course nobody like to have pimples. while i hate pimples so much, i got no choice but to deal with it. i love to read stuff especially things related to beauty & health. owh yes… my motto

aged gracefully~~
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besides reading, i will google for info, drop by luxury product counter and facial spa to get beauticians advice, talk to specialist and the list goes on. i even learn from chinese how they take care of their gorgeous skin. years after years i learn that by having changes in hormone does help to tone it down. but hey! *again* how to deal with it when its still there?? here is my compilation of tips based on my own experience.. 

beauty product

- go for the establish company that have an intensive research on their product and can be guaranteed by them
- salicylic acid-based product helps a lot in maintaining oil production that can cause break out.
- tea tree is very good for pimples as it would dry it out.

facial care

- moisturizer : choose water-based moisturizer, not the cream oil-based type. how would you know its good for u? put the product at the back of ur palm. gentlely massage. if it quickly absorb into ur skin, it would be ok. but if its not, don’t use it. why? it will make ur face more oily later and welcome bacteri + family to berkampung & beranak-pinak!
- facial : you may do it once a month but don’t simply go for any facial. it must be a specific facial for acne problem.


- anti-oxidant - foods & fruits e.g. all berrys (strawberry, blackberry etc.), grape seed, tomato and so on
- less : food that is oily, spicy, peanuts. chinese do tell me that they don’t take ikan kembung
-  supplement : if u feel like having one, take the one that is rich with anti-oxidant. remember that excess supplement taken will be flush out. so don’t simply waste ur money
- water : the more the merrier!! take in min 2 liter per day. water helps to eliminate toxic in our body and improve body digestion. if ur skin is dry/less hydrate, it increase the chance to have break-out.


- don’t touch ur face with any fingers coz it will easily transfer germs and bacteria
- don’t squeeze ur pimples. never!! coz it can easily spread to other part of ur face. let the expert do for u
- less stress & tension. the more stress, the happier ur break out will be! *erk*

some other infos has been covered earlier

facial toner... the fact

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