Saturday, July 3, 2010

BIG match @ IOI Resort Putrajaya

while papa have a biz work to do @ palm garden hotel, IOI resort putrajaya, we are enjoying ourselves for the big match of brazil vs holland. balik keje semlm trus balik pack some stuff and came here. hurrmmmm...thot that brazil will go thru *sad face* balik bersamba la jawabnye~~

 our room is a studio apartment like. got sleeping area, living & dining. quite big tho and cheap for the price that we pay. this morning had a breakfast here. 

the bread is very good!! soft & puffy *BIG SMILE* any hotel that i went, i will definitely go for the croissant. me so in love with croissant u ols~~ top up with pure butter and strawberry jam.. yummieh!! 

owh ya.. they have soya milk as well. good good! i like the water dispenser tu. remind me of the old china empire~~ cume takde tulisan cine je. hoho

others food.... so-so lah. quite a selection but i guess not up to the expectation *sorry chef!*

catch you later peeps!

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