Thursday, July 8, 2010

ABC and 123

my lil qist now has started to learn ABC and 123. i think upin ipin influenced her most~!! thank you mail~~~

not to forget the word world *wink*

nowadays cartoon is more towards educational. bagus3~~ senang la takyah susah2 nk pikir hanta anak g tadika as early as 3years old (?). huhu. bile qist dpt calculator, she will be very very happy and start tekan2. siap amik order lagey..

"nak tan pe?"

so bile we started to order nasi goreng la, ayam goreng la... she started to punch the calculator! siap buat muka ala2 tgh berpikir... funny lil kiddo~~~ and then keep on saying

"tujuh lapan tujuh lapan"

dah itu je yg dia sebut bile mengira order.. altho she can count 123 correctly!! i think she understood the word "number" as "tujuh lapan" lah. coz when i corrected her saying that "its number.. bukan tujuhlapan", tup tup kuar watak kak rose marah pulak!! 



fizamior said...

damia also loves the word world tuh... and dibo... and semualah yg kat channel playhouse disney tuh.. fun & educating! :D

hana.basri said...

kan~~ the recent paling suke timmy time. kambing tuh sgt chomei altho troublesome!

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