Tuesday, July 27, 2010

down the memory lane...

this morning it just trigger me to walk down my memory lane with beloved KU. its been almost 5 years now. alhamdulillah... we are still strong and the feeling is still the same 5 years back. of course along the way there are misunderstanding but syukur alhamdulillah Allah is always there to help us out. lets walk down with me on my journey

down the memory lane

marriage is always the end state where everyone is looking for in each relationship
knowing ku for almost 4 years brought us together in Dec 2005
marriage life is not as sweet as honey but more like roses
understanding, trust and tolerate is the KEY

the first year.. 2006

our first year of marriage put us at various test..
when ku was still working in shift so i have to get use not to see him every 4 days
when i was required to travel frequently so ku always find ways to adjust
when i was not yet pregnant and makes people keep asking without fail!

i still remember when i was back in Bintulu
my boss told me that we must undertake a vacation every year
as this will help to strengthen relationship
as this is the getaway for both of you
as this will give ur marriage more time together

we believed it and we started our yearly vacay
off we go to Redang Island

towards end of the year, the biggest dugaan striked!
Ya Allah.. it was the hardest to face and took us months to accept it
and now.. i understood the whole hikmah behind it..

the second year.. 2007

ku has stationed full time in the office
while my travel frequency increased and stationed me at various location
time spent together has lessen
either ku or myself have to travel to meet each other every single weekend
but of course, we missed few weekends together
so we decided to spend time in Beijing
its a beautiful city with lots to offer

have a though of our future ahead, we decided to buy our first home
we are so happy and very much looking forward for it
so this made us visit the site every other day!

end of the year, we received a great news..
lil qist is on our way!!!

the third year.. 2008

it was a challenged for both of us
when i was heavily pregnant
and i am required to go to Singapore for almost 2 months
being pregnant and being away is not moment that i am looking for
ku has always be there to be the active supporter
so here we are again... travelling each weekend to meet each other
so we treat Singapore as our vacation for the year

we moved in our new home a week before lil qist arrival
still remember how hard we tried not to miss a daily routine
visiting our home, fix things here and there
renovation, dust, cleaning.. OMG! its just tiring for a big belly mommy!

alhamdulillah with patient and determination
we have lil qist in July 2008
it was great, it was easy to carry my daughter
syukur alhamdulillah

the fourth year.. 2009

now that i am stationed in the office
its my turn to have the same feeling as ku before
when ku is station offshore
it was the job that he has been looking for to experience
i must say yes coz i know how much he has sacrificed in the past
and how much he understand my work & my passion
and how much he wanted this

with lil qist growing fast
and i started to commercialize mamakuQis
less time spend together
not to mention ku has missed qist birthday due to work
and my birthady as well
we are up for Europe Vacation 2009
and this time it is more fun with family inside!!
yes its fun and in fact, BETTER

end of the year, my family received an emergency 
from my sister in Qatar
by all means, off we go to Doha for a visit
alhamdulillah our lil mushroom head is strong :)

the fifth year.. 2010

life become more challenging and fun at the same time
being away has make our relationship stronger
being away has make ur understand each other
being away has make our marriage stand tall
and being away teach both of us the word


may years to come bring us joy & happiness
may years to come strengthen our marriage
may years to come become sweet & creamy
may years to come brings ur close together *again*



tiefazatie said...

alhamdullilah..wish u guys happily ever after sis..=D..may allah bless u guys always..amin

hana.basri said...

thanx tiefa~ :)

Azmil aka Jamel said...

are u sure you having lil Q in July 2010 ??? kindly revert ur post ... hahahha

hana.basri said...

hahhahah...good catch!!! thanx *wink*

SyidaGorjes said...

bestnye dapat jalan2 cuti2.i hardly take leave sebab my boss tak bagi.that is y i sgt envy kpd sesiapa yang dapat bercuti.bole tak?

hana.basri said...

syida, jawapannye tak boleh! kene jugak find time bercuti. i know~~ holiday masa raya *wink* raya mmg every year pon ada kan... huhu


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