Thursday, July 29, 2010

GRAND giveaway : details

hi there peeps! as it may put some of you in confuse for GRAND giveaway, let me brief you on the requirement 

mamakuQis famous cookies & services

shall include what is our specialize cookies, 100% home-made etc. and services offer by mamakuQis

mamakuQis blog classification (e.g. travel, heatlh, SpecialSlot)

in this blog, i wrote and share on many things, not focusing on personal life only. explain on the blog post LABEL category available

mamakuQis "Share" button at some blog post

this SHARE button is amazing!! it offers many sharing platform. but i only put it at certain blog post

mamakuQis FB fanpage (

this is clear huh? encourage people to LIKE the fanpage and explain what is available inside

your favourite mamakuQis blog post

you can pick ONE post or simply ONE category/label. explain why

"i L.O.V.E reading simply becoz..."

uuuuuu.... this is the tie break u ols! and this make u differ from others

all in all, be CREATIVE in your write up. dont use tooo many pictures but instead focus on specific relevant picture for the write up. ur target is to ensure people understood WHO is mamakuQis, what mamakuQis can OFFER, what mamakuQis blog could share and its additional function available (e.g. search mamakuQis, Share button). 

got what i mean? *wink*


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