Wednesday, July 28, 2010

why some man are NOT gentleman

have you ever cross a path with a very gentleman man?
when they help to open your door
when they allow you to go inside the lift first
when they catch a cab for you
when they offer to carry your bag
and the list i bet, never fail to end! *wink*

i think the terms 


does not really exist is all culture. i believe gentleman is somekind a behaviour that one's have it or planted inside them. its the respect that they showed to woman or anyone out there. they simply polite in any way. but somehow, people misjudge them with many negative perception.

there are so many website, articles or even classes that teach on "How To Be A Gentleman". for example

well... i guess one cannot lie if that value is not inside it. people can tell that you fake it just to win woman's heart!! so how to be a gentleman?? here is a good short tips



Em's Family said...

dunno, sometimes i think those yang bukakkan pintu kerete, keluarkan kerusi macam errr... laki mulutmanis.. :) ok i bias kot

hana.basri said...

hahaha..thats why i ckp it does not really exist in all culture :P

mama zharfan said...

kat UK that's a norm, something common, even if that man is a total stranger tlg angkatkan my baby's stroller etc :) :)

hana.basri said...

kan~~ tu yg best. tp.. i have bad exp in paris :P hoho

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