Wednesday, July 14, 2010

giveaway03 : mamakuQis BIG giveaway

its 3rd giveaway and we are very near to the grand giveaway *braun buffel u ols~*. join us now to avoid disappointment and jealousy!


why women L.O.V.E perfume?
closing date : 19 july 2010, 12.00pm


One Drop perfumes celebrities special for woman
8 small bottles inside
inspired by international designers' perfumes

well… u must be wondering why la i let go a perfume!!! girl + perfume = bestfriend kan~~~ how come how come….. tula pasal!! apparently not all girls love perfume. i only use perfume bile tido je. let me re-phrase… bile tido dgn ku sahaja!! am not like my sis yg mmg ada byk giles perfume, nor like my mom yg perfume mcm air hujan. i just don’t prefer to wear it~ it took me like 2 year (?) to finish of 30ml!! yes don’t blink coz its true~ i still have 2 more perfumes, not open, not use yet!! so bile dpt this one perfume, “alamak… bile nak abis nih” hoho.

who knows u r the lucky one this time~~ ok i give u some tips

use great pictures that could accompany the entry well *google saje…*
answer “why women l.o.v.e perfume?” based on your own judgment 
*its good if you have facts as well*
list down great perfumes that u have experienced/collected
reviewed one perfume that u L.O.V.E most


ONE winner
as above
+ mamakuQis RM5off cookies voucher

2 consolation prizes
small box mamakuQis Chocolate Chip All Nuts cookies 
mamakuQis RM5off cookies voucher

FIVE early birds
mamakuQis RM5off cookies voucher

its still the same rules~~

1) become our follower
2) follow us on facebook twitter
3) like mamakuQis cookies facebook fanpage
4) put our giveaway banner at your TOP sidebar and link back to this blog post
5) list this blog in your blogroll list
6) make a blog post (malay/english) based on giveaway title given every week and paste the url link in giveaway post comment box

submit your entry now!!

yeah i know its not easy bitsy.. it should be harder when the prize is at highest stake!!! think about the braun buffel~~ this could motivate you peeps!!

good luck



Em's Family said...

Ok, Im joining.. :)

Adyshariz said...

salam hana..

Aisha join this GA


mama zharfan said...

salam hana,

me dh join

DeLaiLa said...

Salam Hana,

I'm jOining yaaaaa...

Here's my link -

Blogger ID : DearDelaila
Facebook ID : Nurulsyahida Delaila
Twitter ID : CidaDelaila


tiefazatie said...

hye sis..
last minutes entry..huhu....

tq!hope still have a luck..=)

hana.basri said...

OMG!!! now i pening already how to decide~~~ hurmm... hadiah satu je cane?? *pengsan*

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