Friday, July 9, 2010

EuropeTrip2009 : Paris part2

ok lets continue our journey in 

PARIS the city of L.O.V.E

day 3 bring us back to the city again for more visits. owh...before that. we went to 
La Vallee Village for shopping!!! owh yes.. its a must~~ *wink* its near to disneyland. i mean.. the station is just a station away from disneyland.

then heading to 
Louvre museum, we are 
using RER to 
bry s
ur marne - Cergy Le Haut - Gare de Lyon. and change to Metro to Gare de Lyon - La Defense (Grande Arche) - Palais Royal (Musee du Louvre). owh i love this place. very spacious and very laid back. 

we continue with our 
Seina River Cruise. i recommend the cruise coz u could see all of the interesting places in one go!! simply enjoyable~ u may stop at any place in the route. awesome!!

heading to 
Notre Dame, it was starting to get dark. cold is coming in!! so standby your jacket *wink* from louvre, take 
Metro to Palais Royal (Musee du Louvre) - Chateau de Vincennes - Chatelet. its soo beautiful~~ so romantic!! while we are so damn hungry, no where to go n alhamdulillah we found a kebab shop just nearby. thanx to an indian guy whom show us the restaurant!!

lastly we head back to Eiffle tower again for a night snapshot. 
use Metro heading to Cite towards Porte d'Orleans (General Leclerc) -Montparnasse-Bienvenue - Charles de Gaulle - Etoile - Bir Hakeim (Grenelle). can u see the eiffle now? hehe

day 4 is totally a disneyland day. all about disneyland. using RER to Dari Bry sur marne - Marne la Vallee Chessy. owh owh.. i forget to tell you that in paris, i.e. in the train, just dont hope that they will give u a seat even u have a small kids!! *wink* get ready~~

i guess i have covered all places that is a MUST VISIT. hope it will benefit you girl~~


tiefazatie said...

ifa suka pic yg baby tunjuk tgn ke ats tue..cumil2..=)

mama zharfan said...

tq tq i nak print citer u ni as a guide, esp pcl nak naik train (RER) tu...byk tul station..kalau kat london, tube nya ok jer senang paham..

fied said...

bestnye jln2..hana ko x guna agent ae??brapa aek cost sumenye??mana muarah n senang??agent or no agent??dr airport sume sindirian berhad ae??ke ko ada kwn kt sana yg arrange kan??pnjg plak soalan aku..kuikuikui

hana.basri said...

tiefa : thanx! me luv all~~ :)

mama zharfan : RER & Metro line in paris memamng berselirat!! its come complicated that london of course~ but i think japan is worse! *wink*

fied : wah.. mmg byk soalannye.. meh aku jawab sesatu
- yes travel sendiri
- we travel light aka baju tak banyak, makan pon masak n bwk bekal, shopping byklaaa, pegi in group. so this means cost can save around RM1000-RM3000 depends on air tix, $$ exchange, accommodation etc
- murah of course travel sendiri. senang gune travel agent. trav sendiri kene sangaaaat rajin buat research!
- all in all, kitorang arrange everything sendiri except visa

u can have an idea here

kalau rasa2 ada yg tak clear, lemme know. i can write a post on additional info for you *wink*

fied said...

thnx beb..akn aku M tue ada besar sket la..kuikuikui..thts y slalu guna agent

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