Sunday, July 18, 2010

day out @ Megakidz

as i planned yesterday here, we had not enuff time to pick up both. why? hehehehe..jeng3~~ tgu ya!! will revealed soon. so we chose to have fun with qist at

Megakidz Mid Valley

qist was very very tired and sleepy actually.. but i told ku we should proceed with our plan. or else, pity qist.. dahla going to miss her papa, plus her bday bash as well... so here we are yesterday~~ the entrance for kids below 2yrs old is only RM12.50 BUT you must have socks! haa.. not only for the kiddos but also for mommy & daddy ya. so please bring ur own. if you dont, they do sell RM6 white & not-so-quality socks here. we saw quite a number of kids inside without their parents but with their maid. well i guess... its the best place to leave ur kids to have fun while u are enjoying urs!


qist started slow... the first thing qist did was.....

scouting around!! hahahha. she was so overwhelmed i guess by many many slides, air jumpers etc. yeah it is quite an exciting place i must say. we started at the toddler area. not much but just normal toddlers playground. qist seems quite bored there so i showed her the bigger version of slide and climb.

owh... yes! dont worry.... mommy & daddy can climb too~~ erm... i guess mommy only lah coz daddy am not sure either u can easily pass thru all the climbing obstacles. thank god im petite. otherwise... i think i surrender!!

we started with the biggest 3 slides. first attempt, qist wanted to slide on her own!!! huh?? seriously?? me quite nervous coz the slide has quite a high. but qist tak takot pon!!! okla.. mama dia pegang sket2 je.

success!! wow~~ mama so proud of you lah *wink*

other than this, there were also air jumpers, merry-go-round horses, special area for bday bash etc. all in all, its a good place to have fun with ur kiddos after they get bored following u around for shopping! at least, both are happy at the end of the day *wink*


mama zharfan said...


hana.basri said...

:) come back home cepat!

fizamior said...

hana, yg ni parents pun boleh main ke??? best2!!!! u pegi weekdays ek?

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