Thursday, July 1, 2010

a healthy cup of coffee?

tempting rite just to read the post title~~ for coffee lover, i bet u cant ran away from the smell of the aroma, asimple brew that melt your heart. aaaaa.......... heaven........ i love the smell of coffee too! how to make a cuppa coffee just healthier? read through...

a healthy cup of coffee?

if all you want is a caffeine booster, opt for plain old brewed coffee. its cheaper, just as potent and a much safer to maintain your hot body!

try out a sip of black coffee  mixed with low fat milk. milk can be too good... lowering the fat down!

who can resist the ice blended coffee with chocolate hersey and whipped cream, top with some almond and have it under the hot sun~~~ *OMG!!* try hard to say no ya.... as this can top up more and more calories and colouring too, opt for ice coffee instead to chill you up! *wink*

whipped cream with coffee? its a match made from heaven u ols~ but be alarm with the extra extra extra fat & sugar inside it! simply opt for sugar-free syrup that trim down 20 calories per pump *BIG smile*

happy healthy drinks with cuppa coffee peeps!

source : starbucks coffee

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