Monday, July 12, 2010

high heels make breasts sag?

i came across this strong statement when searching for my blog's articles. its interesting how does the effect of high heels results on your knee. lets recall this. now... 

how does high heels contribute to breast sagging?

"It all started from weak chest muscles, which are influenced by how you sit. The more often you sit, the muscles will be increasingly strained, weakened and eventually forget how to do contraction. The combination of these things make the backbone to come forward and push out your lower abdomen, so you looked a small paunchy despite not having stout in the abdomen"
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spooky scary higgly monster?? yup! never once cross my mind that it is a straight forward relation. and i have been like forever dont realise this and i think "yeah.. the muscle has harden indeed.." uwwaaaaaa im scared!! so ladies~~ thats why people keep on reminding us to take care of our posture.

how to control?

sit as high as u can
always remember telling yourself to sit straight and as high as possible to reduce the lower back pain and making your chest slumpier

hip raise exercise
this exercise is very very simple that u couldnt imagine it helps to strengthen your glutes aka butt muscles

stretching your chest
owh... normally i see man doing this. i thot that its just a normal stretching. in fact, it is actually! but the bonus for us woman, it helps us for our high heels

good luck peeps!

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mama zharfan said...

thanks for sharing!! me rarely wear hi heels, sbb me cepat lenguh kaki :)

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