Sunday, July 18, 2010

you go girl!!!

yesterday *again* we went for a nite stay at palm garden IOI resort putrajaya. this is our second time in this month since papa had a workshop. bagus jugak la skali skala away from home during weekend. for me, its just rejuvenate! *wink* while the room i much better compared to the last time, the breakfast still remain the same. hohoho. but today we had a lunch over there. i guess the lunch is much better than their breakfast

ok ok enuff with the review.. guess what?? erm erm.. well i cant tell you exactly what it is coz i might jeopardies my fren's future!! hehehe. one thing for sure.... uve made it thru babe!!!!!!! am proud of you *big smile*

you go gurl~~~ 

am cheering u from all angle now!!! remember remember my last advice to you yesterday ya!!

me L.O.V.E you girl~~ you MUST win


1 comment:

mama zharfan said...

bestnya boleh relax2 kat hotel tu... :)

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